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South Carolina Self Moving Service

Moving yourself with the help of South Carolina self service movers is a great idea, but you must be fully prepared. Using this type of SC mover service can work seamlessly for your relocation if you have all of the necessary items to start with.
First of all, contact your South Carolina mover to find out different price estimates on how much it will cost to rent a truck for a day or weekend. This will determine how much money you will spend on your move overall, so it is a great idea to shop around for the best price quotes on the market. After that, you will also need bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, boxes, sturdy gloves, markers, a box cutter, pens and paper, and cleaning supplies for your home. You will also need to purchase or rent furniture pads from the moving service that you are working with, which will allow you to cover up any items with corners so that they don't chip or break. This is perfect for a dresser, kitchen table, or kitchen chairs that you want to prevent from damage in route to your new home.

As a general rule, since you will be loading up your South Carolina rental truck yourself, you need to load everything that is larger and sturdier on the bottom. It is also a great idea to use bungee cords to secure awkward items, like mattresses, mirrors, and bed frames to the walls of the truck. Make sure to put very heavy items against the inside of the track toward the cab and not at the back toward the door. This will prevent any accidents from happening if the latches on the door were to break open from exerted pressure. That could cause a serious accident! Once you secure larger items within the truck, like a refrigerator, washer and dryer, or dresser, you will be ready to start packing up all of your smaller boxes.

This is where all of your organization comes into play in self moving since you need to be strategic in the way that you pack! Make sure that if any of your items have space within them that you fill them up to maximize packing. An example of this would be placing clothing within your refrigerator, washer dryer, or dressers to have extra space available on the truck. Again, make sure that any sharper pointed items have packing and padding on them. If anything is extremely heavy, make sure that it is secured to the wall of the truck with bungee cords to prevent it from shifting and braking. There have been instances in South Carolina moving where a couch was not secured, and it moved within the truck and broke a big screen TV. This is something that you want to avoid at all costs to execute your move without any stress to your new home!

If you would like a no cost estimate on what we have to offer, please leave your information, which we will never disclose without your knowledge.

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